Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls

These past two weeks I’ve done nine shoots, which is more than the previous few biweekly blogs. This is the 25th update, time’s going so fast!

One of the shoots I can’t show you yet, as we sent the pictures in for publication so they must stay secret for a while. But do not fret, there’s enough other beautiful ladies I worked with of which I can share the results.

16/04/22 – Naza Galvez

I’d worked with Naza once before, but that was like a year ago! So it was nice to see er again, and to shoot with her. She brought lovely outfits, and I was happy I still had the tulips from an Easter shoot for some pictures as well. Her hair is so much fun to play with, colour wise!!

17/04/22 – Miss Dark Sparkle

This was my second shoot with Miss Dark Sparkle. I liked her outfits a lot, I’m a sucker for colourful latex, and I liked how she styled her looks with accessoires and such. She’s very sweet! We saw each other two weeks prior at a party, so it was nice to have that to talk about.

20/04/22 – Kim Viergever

I had posted a casting call in my instagram story with a moodboard for a colourblock shoot. Kim responded, and as I’d worked four times with her previously and I always liked it, I agreed. She brought super cool outfits! We also shot a latex look from Liquid Disco.

21/04/22 – Luna Wicks

I’d responded to a post on Facebook, where Luna was looking for a photographer for a colourful portrait shoot. I liked her moodboard so I applied, and she chose to work with me. It was nice to experiment a bit, and I liked her outfits.

23/04/22 – Mrs Von Wood

This was my second time shooting with Mrs von Wood, and once again we borrowed latex clothing from the brand L’Adinda Latex. She brought a friend, and it was a really nice afternoon. Mrs von Wood poses really well, and I like working with her a lot. Her makeup was done by Beauty by Iriss.

24/04/22 – Yeti

Yeti also responded to my Instagram casting call for colourblock shoots. She is a very experienced nude art and boudoir model, but hadn’t done a lot of fashion before. I was pleasantly surprised though, because she did really well, and got the hang of it quite fast! Also I loved all the garments she’d arranged.

26/04/22 – Black Hearted Goddess

I was blown away by Black’s ideas for this shoot. This was our second time working together and she was organizing and styling these three awesome photosets in advance. I loved her ideas, so enhancing them by building the backgrounds and doing her makeup was a pleasure.

27/04/22 – Diaheny

I hadn’t worked with Diaheny before but I’m so glad that changed! She is soo gorgeous, and she is also very sweet. We could relate to a lot of things actually, we had a lot in common. I also did her makeup.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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