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A Visual Story of Rope

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting with Olive and Asimira. They are two very lovely and experienced models, and Asimira is also a rigger. She brought some rope with her, and I was lucky enough to capture a rigging session with them. Here are the pictures, capturing the intimacy, tying and pleasure of ropework.

Are you interested in doing a kinky shoot with your partner? Please reach out to me and we can discuss the options! I’m LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Model instagrams:
Asimira: @asimira_iliac
Olive: @somethingabout.olive

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  1. […] I’d scheduled my shoot with Olive, but she asked me if her friend Asimira could join, and she could bring some rope. I agreed, and I’m really glad I did! They posed so well together, you could certainly tell they’ve worked together countless times before. I had the pleasure to capture a rope session too, which you can find here. […]

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