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Most photographers like to just focus on creating. we’re creative so our minds cook up stuff all the time.

This is the 41st biweekly blogpost, a series where I show you the shoots I’ve done in the past two weeks. This time not as many as you’re maybe used to, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy as hell!! I’ve experimented with some photoshop techniques, and I’m doing a course on entrepreneurship that is a bit time consuming but that’s ok. I’m learning a lot from it!

I’m realizing that there’s more to being a photographer than just taking pictures. Personal branding, networking, accounting, social media etc. It sometimes gets me down a bit because I just want to make pretty photos and empower my models, but I know it’s part of being a business. And the better I do at it, the more pretty photos I can take and the more models I can empower, so I’ll keep going!

01/12/22 – Miss Ruda 666

This was the first time I had Miss Ruda in my studio, but we did really great work this afternoon! I did her makeup, and we did four photosets in total. It was nice to work with her, and we talked a lot during the shoot.

03/12/22 – Miss Poison Alice

I’d worked with Poison Alice 2 times before. She’d booked a hotel suite this time as she’d from Belgium, and invited me over to shoot there. It was very nice and we did a whopping 5 sets in 1 hour!! I like that every time I shoot with her she has a few more tattoos.

08/12/22 – MissMrcdz

I know Mel from the fetish party scene, we have some mutual friends and are now also becoming friends! She obviously looks amazing (that sixpack!!!) and she’s very sweet. We can relate to each other a lot and we just had a great time shooting!

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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