Happy New Year

I've started off 2022 with a bang! This is the 17th biweekly post, and I'm happy to say I've basically been photographing for a year now! I've done 7 shoots in the last two weeks, which is a little less than usual, but this is because of the holidays. But the shoots I did do … Continue reading Happy New Year


We're closing off the year with the 16th bi-weekly blogpost. I've done some really nice shoots the last two weeks, some with holiday themes. I've done 11 shoots in these two weeks, one of which I can't share here because the client wanted to keep the pictures to herself. This is always fine, I always … Continue reading Holidays

Lovely Ladies

This is the 15th bi-weekly update. I haven't done that many shoots in the past two weeks due to covid-related cancellations, only 7. But the shoots I did do were very lovely. All of the models and clients were very sweet, and they all posed really well. I had a blast! I'm looking forward to … Continue reading Lovely Ladies

Latex & Lace

I had a great time these last two weeks, and I hope you'll appreciate this 14th Bi-weekly update. I have done only seven shoots in the past two weeks due to a few cancellations. But maybe that isn't such a bad thing, because this way I had more time to edit and I had more … Continue reading Latex & Lace

Latex Love

This is the 11th Bi-weekly update, in which I will show you the shoots I've done in the last two weeks. This time I've done a lot of latex photoshoots! Latex is such a beautiful material, and I love how it shines in photographs. So I really liked to work with it so much lately. … Continue reading Latex Love

Last days of summer

Welcome to the 10th biweekly update! I make these blogposts every two weeks to show you what I've been up to, and to talk about the shoots I've done. Any funnily enough, on the 10th update I have had exactly 10 shoots! I've done 2 duo shoots as well, which was nice. I love photographing … Continue reading Last days of summer

Vacation Time

After this 8th biweekly update I will be going on a short vacation to Lille, which is why this post is a few days early. I've done so much in the last few months, I definitely deserve a little break. See what shoots I've done in the past two weeks in this blogpost! It's been … Continue reading Vacation Time

Photoshoot fever

This is the seventh biweekly update, where I show you the shoots I've done in the last two weeks. These two weeks were rather eventful, with lots of shoots and some features and publications. My photos of Kiet Katharsis have been published in Nocturnus Magazine, and my old schoolfriend Maartje has interviewed me. Also another … Continue reading Photoshoot fever

Sad Summer

Every two weeks I write a blog post updating you on all the shoots I've done since the last one. I've done seven in total in the last two weeks, and I'm very excited to show you! This is the sixth biweekly update. I'm less excited about the weather though, it's been more like autumn … Continue reading Sad Summer