Dear Models – Sustainability PSA

I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of the lingerie you guys bring to shoots is from Shein. I think we are all aware how terribly Shein treats their workers. If you’re not, please google it. Aside from that, most lingerie, also from other brands is made from polyester, pvc or other artificial fibers. These materials … Continue reading Dear Models – Sustainability PSA

FREE Boudoir Posing Guide – NOW AVAILABLE

I've teased before that I was working on a big project, and I'm so excited to finally show you what I've been up to! With help of my friend Mew, I've made a boudoir posing guide, which is free to download after you've entered your email address. This will add you to my email list, … Continue reading FREE Boudoir Posing Guide – NOW AVAILABLE

Halloween Prep

It's almost halloween! So I had to do a few spooky shoots. So in this 12th edition of the bi-weekly updates, I'll show you those, and also my other shoots of course. I'm a bit of a goth so halloween has a special place in my heart. But I also did some other shoots, don't … Continue reading Halloween Prep