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Dear Models – Sustainability PSA

I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of the lingerie you guys bring to shoots is from Shein. I think we are all aware how terribly Shein treats their workers. If you’re not, please google it.

Aside from that, most lingerie, also from other brands is made from polyester, pvc or other artificial fibers. These materials stay on this planet way after we’re done shooting, and have a terrible effect on the planet.I’m not saying you can’t buy new lingerie, and I’m not telling you to not buy from Shein anymore. But I am asking you to PLEASE reuse your garments.

So often models say they only shoot with something one or two times.

That’s so wasteful! At least wear it in your regular life then. I don’t mind at all if a model has already shot in a certain piece before. And I get it can get boring for you to wear it over and over again but then accessorize it differently or be more picky when buying.

Maybe we can start groupchats and share garments! Borrow from each other! But just buying a bodysuit for €5 from Shein and then shooting with it once, afterwards throwing it away is so bad. Someone worked really fucking hard, in horrific circumstances to make that bodysuit for you. And you’re just disposing it when you have taken the pictures, throwing it on a landfill in a poor country far away so those people can deal with it (they will probably just set it on fire because recycling isn’t possible or too expensive).

Sorry for this lecture, I get that you’re not trying to do harm. But we have to make doing photoshoots more ethical. Please do your part and reconsider buying more and more for a few pictures to post on Instagram.

xoxo Luca from Swan’s Seduction

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