Halloween Prep

It’s almost halloween! So I had to do a few spooky shoots. So in this 12th edition of the bi-weekly updates, I’ll show you those, and also my other shoots of course.

I’m a bit of a goth so halloween has a special place in my heart. But I also did some other shoots, don’t worry! I worked with some models I had worked with before, and there’s some new faces in this blog post. I had a few cancellations, but I still did 11 shoots in the last two weeks. November will also be a very busy month, so get ready for more cool content then!

16/10/21 – Inez

This was my second shoot with Inez. My mom used to have this super pretty floral wallpaper in her hallway, and when she said she’d get rid of it, I asked her to save it for me. So we used this beautiful wallpaper as a backdrop for one of the sets. Inez has a really cool style, and I loved to expand my usual aesthetic with her fantasy flair. Also she’s a sweetheart and a really good model!

17/10/21 – Lian

I’ve wanted to work with Lian for a while, so when this day finally came I was really excited to find out she’s just as easy to work with as I’d imagined. She poses really well and I really like her look! We experimented with bubbles, and she wore a dress lent out to me by LatexSensation. The outfits she brought were adorable, and I did her makeup as well.

18/10/21 – Ajuna & Hailey Fox

I’ve worked with Ajuna and Hailey before, but seperately. This was the first time they met in real life, but I could hardly tell because they had such a good connection on camera. They posed really well together. I also made another blogpost of their rope session, you can find all 13 pictures here. It was very lovely to work with such a nice duo.

20/10/21 – Yvette

I had a lot of fun working with Yvette, even the pre-communication was great as we chatted about Honey Birdette lingerie and our love for it. But, aside from shooting in her HB sets, she also wanted to do a latex look. She bought a catsuit for our shoot and I lent out my latex hood to go with it. She’s a very nice and skilled model, and it was nice to take cigarette breaks and talk with her!

21/10/21 – Mew & Medusa

I’d planned a pastel pink themed shoot with Mew, and she last minute requested to make it a duo-shoot. So I posted in my stories, and Medusa responded! This shoot was cuteness-overload, I’ve never seen so many cute clothing items in my apartment before. But I can greatly appreciate the aesthetic, and we had fun drinking the bottle of sparkling rose. It’s a shame to let it go to waste right?

22/10/21 – Kitty Chaton

Kitty and I had a really nice time working together. Unlike most models, who arrive half an hour late, she was half an hour early! She posed with a lot of confidence and I really liked that. She did really well and it shows in the pictures. I think we had a nice connection and I’d like to work with her again in the future.

25/10/21 – Lisa

When I sent Lisa a message, I really hoped she would agree to a shoot. I really love her look and “vibe”, so when she said yes I was really happy! She posed really well and she even did some preparation beforehand, like looking up inspiration pictures. She’s also just a really fun and sweet girl, she gave me a box of chocolates guys!

26/10/21 – Dana Deadgirl

This was my third shoot with Dana, and every time it’s just getting more and more fun! She has these amazing outfits and costumes, I really love her styling skills. She had responded to my halloween casting call, and she chose my “pumpkin boudoir” theme, which suited her really nicely. She borrowed one of my wigs and I had bought a bunch of jack-o-lantern props.

27/10/21 – Medea Mortelle

These pictures from my second shoot with Miss Medea Mortelle are a but more simple than what you usually see from me, but that’s for a reason. She hired me to take pictures for her website, and wanted them to be goddess and demon themed. She is planning on replacing the backgrounds, thus the more simple black and white backgrounds. I’m sad she’s leaving Amsterdam soon, as she’d super lovely to work with!

28/10/21 – Christina Critter

I’d never worked with Christina before, but I’m so glad I have now! She’s such a doll, really fun and her model skills are amazing. I love the outfits she’d brought with her, and we used a halloween robe lent out by Dana Deadgirl. I love how we did such different sets, from natural to punk to kawaii. I’d love to work with her again sometime, as she’s a pleasure to work with.

29/10/21 – Medusa Lestrange

It was nice to work with Medusa again after the previous week doing a duo with her and Mew. This time we had a more witchy, gothic theme just in time for halloween. She managed to arrange a perfect witch broom and travelled across the country with it in public transport! I really like to work with Medusa, because of her impeccable posing and sultry styling.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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