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Happy Holidays!

In these dark times where there’s barely any sunlight reaching us, it’s important to stay busy and creative, so that’s exactly what I did!

In this 42nd biweekly blogpost I’ll show you 6 out of the 7 shoots I’ve done in the past two weeks. The 7th was for someone who’d rather keep the pictures private, which is totally fine! The other six are great as well though, so I hope you like them as well.

And of course, I hope you have fun (and safe) holiday+NYE celebrations! I’m very excited for what 2023 will bring me, as an artist and entrepeneur.

10/12/22 – Eve Fatale

This was the second time I worked with Eve, and she came with great ideas once again!! We did a nude set, a kinky set and a burlesque strip tease. The latter will be published here on my blog in a while, it’s quite a large photoset that captures her sensual strip tease.

12/12/22 – Welly Tatouage

I knew Welly already from the fetish scene, a few years ago she was kind enough to host me and a friend when we were going to a party in the north. I had a great time shooting with her, she did a really good job! She brought really nice outfits as well. I did her makeup.

12/12/22 – Lady Adara

Welly asked her friend Lady Adara to come to the shoot, and if you follow me for a while you’ve seen her before! This was our 3rd shoot together, and it was super nice to catch up with her and create stunning photographs together.

15/12/22 – Disgrace.x

Grace is such a sweetheart! This was the second shoot we did together, and I loved hanging out with her and taking pictures of her once again. She is so stunning, and she brought really cute outfits to the shoot.

20/12/22 – Nympha Ophis

Loved having Nympha over once again, we had done a shoot before. This time we made even more gorgeous photos together! You can tell she is super experienced because I barely had to direct her, and I love the lingerie she took with her to the studio.

22/12/22 – Pilea Joanna

It was very nice to reconnect with Pilea during this second time shooting with her. She brought a beautiful outfit from Liquid Disco Latex, and a stunning blue lingerie set, which I’d seen on her Instagram so I asked if she could bring it. She did so great! I did her makeup.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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