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We’re closing off the year with the 16th bi-weekly blogpost. I’ve done some really nice shoots the last two weeks, some with holiday themes.

I’ve done 11 shoots in these two weeks, one of which I can’t share here because the client wanted to keep the pictures to herself. This is always fine, I always ask my clients if I can share photos here.

I’m looking forward to see what cool shoots I will do in 2022! I started in January of this year, so I’ve been photographing for almost a year now. And I’ve noticed so much improvement since I started!

12/12/21 – Lara Aimee

This was my second shoot with Lara, and it was even more fun than the first one! I loved her outfits. She saw a photoseries I’d done with bubbles, and she requested to do a similar set with her latex mew costume. So I asked my partner to blow bubbles again, and the pictures turned out great! Lara poses so well, and I love her facial expressions.

13/12/21 – Jesso April

I’m doing maternity boudoir shoots to build my portfolio on that, and when Jessica reached out, I was so delighted. She’s an experienced model and also pregnant, so this was perfect. She brought beautiful garments, and she posed very gracefully. I did her makeup, and we had a good time talking during that and the shoot.

13/12/21 – Iris Barendina

My shoot with Iris was a lot of fun, she’s a very kind and professional model. She brought some really nice outfits, and she did a great job.

15/12/21 – Esperanza Del Horno

I’ve worked with Esperanza before, and I consider them a friend at this point, as we’ve also just hung out before. I did their makeup, and I styled them for the white winter boudoir set. Esperanza is such a sweetheart, and they always are very comfortable in front of the camera, which leads to very nice pictures.

17/12/21 – Mistress CatastroV

CatastroV and I had done a few shoots together before. I responded to a post on Fetlife about a fire-play shoot, and it turned out it was about a collaring ceremony of Mistress CatastroV’s sub! It was a lot of fun, and quite an experiment for me as I hadn’t done a shoot with fire yet in the dark. It was emotional, and a tad scary, but a beautiful moment to witness.

18/12/21 – Ximena van Keulen

This shoot was initially intended as a duo-shoot, but the other model unfortunately couldn’t make it. But with a model like Ximena that’s not a problem, as she has the skill and grace to captivate the camera all by herself. She’s a sweetheart and this second shoot with her was a blast, just like the first one I did with her a while ago.

19/12/21 – Black Hearted Goddess

This was my first shoot with her, and it was a lot of fun. She brought her daughter with her, who was also a very nice young woman, so we had a lovely time. Black brought stunning garments, and I really liked her posing style. She has a way of almost dancing in front of the camera, very fluidly.

21/12/21 – Yeti

This was my second shoot with Yeti, and we decided to go for a X-mas/winter feel. I did her makeup in a frosty way, with white lashes and brows. She brought a gorgeous white wig to match. I really liked working with her, as she poses really well but she’s also a really fun and sweet person.

21/12/21 – Mew

I’ve done 8(!) shoots with Mew by now, and I always love to work with her. She’s such a nice person and she can pull of a lot of different looks and aesthetics. We first did an androgynous set, then we went for a cozy boudoir look and we finished the evening (after eating a pokebowl) with a new year’s eve inspired shoot.

23/12/21 – Notte Belle Margarinetta

I reached out to Margarita because I really liked her style, and I’m so glad I did! I loved her outfits and she’s a really kind woman. I loved working with her. We also went outside for some pictures, and we were happy when we got back inside because it was so cold outside…

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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