Services at Swan’s Seduction

Boudoir & Fetish Photography

I can take sexy photos of you and make you feel like a fierce being. Whether you want to feel sensual or kinky, I can bring out that inner goddess and capture her in beautiful pictures.

Couple Photography

I’m kind and LGBTQIA+ friendly, and no matter what your dynamic is, I can make you and your partner(s) feel comfortable. Whether it’s love or lust that you want to feature in your shoot, you’ll end up with stunning pictures of you and your boo.

Fetish event Photography

A collaring is a very special moment in a D/s relationship, and there are many more of those milestones where it’d be nice to have a kink-aware photographer present to capture these beautiful moments.

Content creation

In the past we’ve worked with multiple brands. Collaborating with designers and shops is an amazing way to feature great products in our work.