In The Flow

This is the 19th biweekly update, and in these last two weeks I’ve done 11 shoots. I’ve really gotten used to this creative flow now.

Eleven shoots within fourteen days is quite a lot, but I love doing it so much, it only rarely feels like working. I’ve done many fun collaborations these two weeks, and I’ve met very nice new people, and had the chance to catch up with people I’ve worked with before.

I’ve also done a hotel shoot, which is the first time for me, but I really liked the experience! I don’t have the budget to do this often for TFP collabs, but if you’re hiring me for a shoot, you can also decide you want a hotel room to shoot in, and I can travel there with my equipment.

22/01/22 – Venuss Nightingale

I found Venuss on facebook, I was blown away by her style. She made the lilac and pink looks herself!! She also posed really well and it was lovely to get to know her. I’m so in love with these outfits! And she did great makeup looks to compliment it. I’d love to work with Venuss again.

24/01/22 – Brandy Cross

This was my first shoot with Brandy, she responded to my last minute model search on Instagram, as I had a model cancel for this day. I’m so happy she applied because she’s really beautiful and kind. We also shot in a latex dress lent out to me by L’Adinda Latex, which looked gorgeous on her.

25/01/22 – Michelle

I hadn’t worked with Michelle before now, but I was super happy with this collaboration with her. She has a really fun personality, and we had a nice time during the shoot, joking around and chatting. She also posed very well, and I love her alternative look and wardrobe.

26/01/22 – Goosxbumps

This was my fourth time working with Goosxbumps, and I think this was my favourite one so far! She came up with the smoking nun idea, and I had the perfect latex hood laying around for it. She’s such a sweetheart and her posing skills are just getting better and better!

27/01/22 – Puck

When Puck agreed to shoot with me, she asked if I could arrange styling, so I reached out to Latex Sensation. They sent over 3 really cute latex dresses, and they looked amazing on Puck! She is a really good model, and I really liked working with her. She also brought her friend who took behind the scenes videos.

27/01/22 – Mew

This was the ninth shoot with Mew, and I always like shooting with her. We’re friends by now so we’re very comfortable around each other. Her style is super cute, and I always love the outfits she puts together. She even tied a heart-shaped rope harness for a Valentine’s photoset.

30/01/22 – Gaby Ghastly

I hadn’t worked with Gaby before, but I’m so glad I messaged her! She is a very nice person and model, and I loved her styling as well. She invited over Master Makeup as her MUA, and we had a great time with the three of us. I wanna work with both of them again sometime.

01/02/22 – Red & Risky

Red is my best friend, and she said she wanted to be a published model, so we booked a hotelroom to take some epic shots. We can’t show you the sets for publication yet, but we also did 3 other sets we can already share. We had an amazing time and I always love seeing Red grow in her model skills and career! I also did her makeup.

02/02/22 – Yolinda Vixen

I’ve wanted to shoot with Yolinda for a long time, so when it finally happened, I was so glad that she even exceeded my expectations! She is a really sweet person (she brought pastries, yay!) and you can immediately tell she’s a pro by her posing and expressions. Her outfits were also amazing.

03/02/22 – Shannon Sparrow

This was my second shoot with Shannon. The first shoot I did with her was a shoot outside with another model, so this was the first time working in my studio one-on-one. I really liked to shoot with her, and she brought nice outfits. She is also really beautiful of course so it wasn’t very difficult to take pretty pictures of her.

04/02/22 – Marjole1n

Me and Marjolein had worked together once before, and this time we decided to also do a Valentine’s Day themed photoset, which is my favourite of all 4 sets that we did this day. She has a gorgeous lingerie collection, and we had a nice time drinking tea and talking about lingerie together.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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