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What’s the Investment?

Alright! You’re excited and curious about the next step. I’d love to tell you more! I have three packages, and they’re the same price whether you want kinky photos, boudoir photos, fashion portraits or whatever else you have in mind.


Standard Package

This package includes:

  • Coaching and posing help
  • Tea, coffee or soda
  • 1,5 hours of shooting time
  • 3 outfit changes
  • 3 set changes
  • 15 edited photo’s


Deluxe Package

This package includes:

  • Coaching and posing help
  • Tea, coffee or soda
  • 2,5 hours of shooting time
  • 5 outfit changes
  • 5 set changes
  • 25 edited photo’s


Platinum Package

This package includes:

  • Coaching and posing help
  • Tea, coffee or soda
  • 3 hours of shooting time
  • 5 outfit changes
  • 5 set changes
  • 35 edited photo’s


Extra pictures can be bought for €20 a picture. So if you decide after the shoot that you’d like more, this is no problem.

Extra add-ons:

Makeup Service

Let me do your makeup! I have a diverse makeup kit to suit any skin-tone, face shape and makeup preferences. False lashes included (which you get to take home!)


Photo Gallery

If you want to select the photo’s yourself, this is possible! I can make an online gallery for you so you can choose which pictures you’d like me to edit.


Photo album or wall art

Maybe you’d like the photo’s printed in an album or on canvas! This would make a beautiful option if you’re gifting the photos to someone or for on the wall.

Price Depends on the product

Couple shoot

Couple shoots are so much fun! You get to celebrate your love and lust for each other, and capture it forever. It’s an amazing experience to share. Turn the package you chose into a couple shoot, by adding the couple shoot add-on.


Treesome shoot

If one lover isn’t enough, and you want to share this experience with two other people, this is the extra add-on for you. Whether you’re friends, lovers or play-partners, turn the package you chose into a trio shoot, by adding the threesome shoot add-on.


Quartet Shoot

Maybe you’re a polyamorous love nest, or maybe you’re swingers. Whatever your relationship is like, if you want to do a shoot with four people, you totally can! Turn the package you chose into a foursome shoot, by adding the quartet shoot add-on.


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer payment plans / Can I pay in installments?
No. You pay for the package in the deposit to schedule the shoot and on the day of the shoot. The makeup service and the photo gallery add-ons also have to be paid on the day of the shoot. If you want to add extra photos or you want to buy an album or wall art, you can buy those after the shoot. But no products will be sent to you before full payment has been received by me.

How long does it take before I can plan a shoot, and when are the photo’s ready?
My availability isn’t always the same but usually I can find a spot for you within three weeks. I will edit the photos within a week. If you chose the photo gallery add-on and you will choose the photos yourself, I will start editing after I have received your final selection so then it’s a week from that moment onwards.

What payment methods do you offer?
You can pay with bank transfer, Tikkie or Paypal.

More FAQs can be found here.

Yay, you want to book the shoot! Or, do you want to ask me some questions? That’s also fine! You can leave a message here:

Fine print

These prices are for non-commercial shoots, so the images will not be sold, and you are not a commercial brand etc, with exception of sex-workers.

All prices are excluding travel fees if I have to travel.

All prices are excluding hotel/bnb fees if you choose to do the shoot at a hotel or bnb.

All prices are including 21% btw (tax).

My booking terms and information can be found here.

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