Latex or lace?

Some models bring latex catsuits to the shoots, others prefer lace lingerie. Whatever floats your boat, I can make you look good!

In this 38th biweekly blogpost I’ll be showing you the shoots I’ve done in the past two weeks. Some of the faces you’ll recognize from past shoots, but there’s some new faces as well!

15/10/22 – Alexa Moorre

Alexa welcomed me into her home for this fourth shoot with her. We did 4 sets in 2 hours so we did a great job! She inspired me to experiment a bit with coloured lighting, which worked out really well! Alexa is a great model and she’s a super nice person.

15/10/22 – Madame Caramel

This was the second time I had the honour of photographing the iconic Madame Caramel. It was short but sweet, we did 4 sets in an hour! She brought her partner and submissive, who also appeared in some of the photos. I really like working with Madame Caramel, she has amazing energy.

20/10/22 – Palmyra La Diva

I had never worked with Palmyra before, but when she reached out and I checked out her portfolio I was intrigued. She is a dancer, which is always fun because dancers often are very good at posing. Palmyra was no exception. I also loved the outfits she brought, and I felt very honoured she was willing to travel for hours as she is from Belgium.

21/10/22 – Kim Viergever

I’ve worked with Kim for a long time, this was our sixth shoot together. She is just getting better and better, it’s amazing to witness! She’s of course so stunning and her posing skills are also on point. I also loved her lingerie that she brought. We did 4 photosets in a little over an hour.

22/10/22 – Candice Kupps

A new face! I hadn’t worked with Candice before, but I did follow her for years. So it was awesome to finally meet her and work with her. She came all the way from Brussels for the shoot, and she arranged 3 beautiful latex outfits from Latexfairy and ToveRain Clothing. I loved shooting with her, she did great and she’s really kind.

24/10/22 – Guinevere

This was the first time I worked with Guinevere, but this shoot was scheduled far in advance. I always wanted to work with her and her skills and beauty did not dissapoint. She was also very kind and I loved working with her so much!!

24/10/22 – Akame

Akame was also a new face in my studio, and I was very happy I messaged her. She is so gorgeous and way too humble for her own good. She did well and I loved her enthusiasm. Her lingerie was also on point, and I’d love to have her over once again.

24/10/22 – Guinevere & Akame

As you can tell the 24th was a very busy day for me, as aside from photographing Akame and Guinevere separately, I also did a duoshoot with them! They did so well together, and they both looked gorgeous with their ginger locks. I loved their collaboration beforehand as well, to coordinate the outfits. A super team!

25/10/22 – La Loca Barbz

Yet another new face! Barbz and I hadn’t worked together before but we had a really nice time! She brought her sister to the shoot. I liked her outfits and makeup looks a lot, and she posed well. We did 5 sets within 2 hours!

25/10/22 – Mew

This is the 13th shoot with Mew, so you probably know this beauty by now if you read my blog regularly. We did some really nice work together, including working on a secret project that will be launched very soon! I’m really excited to share it with you.

27/10/22 – Nadizombiechu

I’d worked with Nadi once before, and I was super happy to do another photoshoot with her! She is so gorgeous, and I love her style as well. Aside from that she is super sweet, she even brought home-baked pastries! We did 4 photosets, and it was a lot of fun.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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