Lovely Ladies

All of the models and clients were very sweet, and they all posed really well. I had a blast! I’m looking forward to the next two weeks, as I have some holiday themed shoots planned, and even though I’m not religious, I love the holidays a lot.

27/11/21 – Celina

Celina was a client who was kind enough to let me post the results on here, which not all clients are okay with (completely understandable though!!). I’m very happy she allowed me to because the photos are very beautiful, and she is a gorgeous woman of course! I had a lovely time shooting with her and she also booked my makeup service.

30/11/21 – Ana Rosa Pano

I’ve met Ana Rosa before, on a bikini shoot we were both models on. She was really sweet, and I asked her to model for me too. She was hesitant as she usually doesn’t do boudoir, but after a while she agreed, and I’m so glad she did! We had a really nice afternoon, and I think the pictures came out really well.

04/12/21 – Torta Di Nuvole

I loved working with Torta, she is very sweet and she posed really well. I did her makeup, and we did 4 photosets within 2 hours. We had lovely conversations and she even helped me fold the cloths we used afterwards, which was very kind. I’d love to work with her again but it looks like she’ll be leaving the Netherlands soon.

05/12/21 – Robijn Suasso

I reached out to Robijn, and when she told me that yes, she’d like to shoot but she’s pregnant, I was delighted. I want to start offering maternity boudoir shoots so this was good for my portfolio and practice. She’s a really sweet woman and she has a lot of experience which was very clear because she posed like a pro!

06/12/21 – Foxxy Angel

Foxxy is a sex-worker who hired me to take pictures of her for her website. The theme is pink, black and gold, so I used those colours in the photos as well. I also did her makeup. Foxxy is such a kind and funny person, and I looked up to her a lot for her open communication in the media about sex-work, so doing a shoot with her was awesome.

07/12/21 – Kimmie Tattoo

Kim was such a lovely model to work with. I did her makeup. She brought some beautiful lingerie, and she did a really good job. She brought a friend and the three of us had a nice time chatting in between the photosets. I’d love to work with Kim again.

09/12/21 – Mistress Eve

When I saw that Mistress Eve was in a train to Amsterdam on twitter, I immediately reached out to ask if she was interested in a second shoot with me. And she agreed! She hadn’t brought any sexy clothes with her because it was so impromptu, so I lent her out some pieces from my own collection. We had a really lovely time.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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