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I have experience as a model, but now I want to explore the other side of the lens. Yes, that’s right, I want to pick up photography. And honestly it’s not that surprising if you’ve known me for a while

I’ve gone to college for styling, and even though I unfortunately couldn’t finish my studies, I still loved the art of creating. Making the subject of a photoshoot look interesting and beautiful was my favorite part of styling. In my own photoshoots as a model, I often have to do the styling myself and I really like to do it, make sure the hair, makeup, clothing or lingerie match just right with the environment and image the photographer wants to create.

As you may know I also have an Onlyfans and AVN Stars, for which I take photos of myself almost every single day. Keeping the creative hustle going can be hard sometimes but I always enjoy it nonetheless. So when a friend asked me if I could take photos of her, of course I said yes. She wanted to learn how to pose better and wanted to regain some confidence. As she’s the most beautiful sweetheart in the world I tried to help her as much as I could, because I wanted to show her how amazing she really is.

Model: RedandRisky

Helping my friend made me realize the power of photography. Taking a photo of someone is very intimate, but showing the model how you view her can be very liberating for them. You get stuck looking at yourself from a certain angle, and as a photographer you can show them a whole new dimension.

Right at this time I was thinking what I want to study. Now I’m finally capable of going back to school, the big question was whát I wanted to spend so much time and energy on. When you’re in survival mode due to mental issues for a couple of years, it can be difficult to look into the future and think ahead. You’re just making sure you can continue on without breaking down. But now I’m doing better I can finally envision things and be hopeful again.

So photography. Why not? I have been on many sets, I’ve seen how photographers work. I know what it’s like on the model’s side so I know how to make them feel comfortable. I already have experience photographing myself, and with retouching images to make them even better. It just makes sense.

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xoxo Milk Rebelle

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