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New Website!

I have a new website layout, and it’s in DUTCH now??!! I know, big deal. It’s a lot more minimalistic, and “clean”. I hope you will all like my new site.

The reason I changed is because I was trying to make my website bilingual, so you could switch it from English to Dutch. Well, I’m a photographer, not a developer, so a few things went wrong and I kind of was like… Let’s just start over. I wasn’t loving the look that much anymore and I felt like my old website just had an overload of information and photos, it took quite long to load due to that as well.

So the decision to switch over to Dutch is because 95% of my clients speak Dutch, I am located in Amsterdam, so most of my clients will use Dutch search-terms and will prefer reading in their native language. I’ll still be writing blogs and on social media in English, as on there I have a more international following.

I didn’t manage to make the language option thing, maybe I will be able to in the future. For now it was just most important I had a website up and running, and I made this one within a few hours. Because of this I may have made some errors in language or functionality, so if you have any feedback for me at all, I really want to hear it!! You can give your feedback here:

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