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October Recap

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to my monthly blog update, where I have the absolute joy of sharing some of the incredible shoots that took place in October.

While some of these moments were made to be shared with the world, others were crafted as intimate keepsakes for the clients’ eyes only, so those are of course not included in this post.

As the golden hues of autumn embrace us, let’s dive into the enchanting tales of empowerment and self-love that unfolded during these captivating photoshoots. Also, did you all have an amazing Halloween? Share your spooky stories in the comments!

01/10/23 – Lara Bea

Yay, the amazing Lara blessed me with another visit to my studio! We had a great time working together once again, and I was blown away with her skill and natural camera presence, just like the shoots we’ve done before. We did two moodboard inspired sets that I wanted to do, and two freestyle sets.

07/10/23 – Marouschka & Jenny

Marouschka welcomed me into her beautiful, cozy and unique home again, and I did a photoshoot with these two kind and gorgeous models. I had a great time, they are hilarious to witness together, a photo session with them couldn’t possibly be boring.

10/10/23 – Caro Bones

Yay, my friend Caro Bones came over for a sleepover again! And with Halloween closing in, we needed to do a witchy shoot of course. We had a fun time, and Caro is always a very good model. We also took some pictures together (with me in it!) which you can find on my model instagram page.

11/10/23 – Caro Bones & Dutch Fantasy

Another shoot with the latex dream team! Dutch & Caro met at the previous shoot we did, and they both bought red catsuits around the same time, which inspired us to do another photo session. We did a red devil inspired set with it, which turned out really cool!

23/10/23 – Davina Leah Raven

Yay, a second shoot with Davina! It was supposed to be a shoot with another model as well, but unfortunately she had to cancel last minute, so we decided to just shoot solo instead. And with a model like Davina, that’s no loss at all. We used outfits and accessories mostly from my client closet, and she looked amazing in it.

26/10/23 – Inez & Yeti

You probably have seen Inez and Yeti on my blog before, I’ve done a session with both of them quite recently, but this is the first shoot I’ve done with them together! They were amazing to work with, and we took some great photos together.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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