Sad Summer

Every two weeks I write a blog post updating you on all the shoots I’ve done since the last one. I’ve done seven in total in the last two weeks, and I’m very excited to show you! This is the sixth biweekly update.

I’m less excited about the weather though, it’s been more like autumn weather than summer so far, and most festivals are cancelled due to COVID-19 so it doesn’t feel very summer-y. But that’s all the more reason to stay creative and do fun shoots of course!

26/07/21 – Dana Deadgirl

Dana and I have worked together before, and when she reached out to me to ask if I was willing to photograph her in some new looks, I was so excited! She is amazing at styling and posing, and she’s just a real sweetheart so working with her was once again a blast.

27/07/21 – Mew

Mew responded to one of my “last-minute model calls”, which was so good because this third shoot with her was the best one we’ve done so far in my opinion. She mentioned she had a new corset she’d like to be pictured, and I suggested we went with a vintage theme. We also went outside for some cool photographs and we had a really nice time talking about musicals.

30/07/21 – Anna Bee

Anna is such a delight to work with, as she knows exactly what she’s doing. This was our second shoot together, and it was even more fun than the first time around. We had some lovely conversations and we did four photosets in just an hour!! I’d recommend her as a model to anyone. It’s hard to take a bad photo of her.

01/08/21 – Lara Aimee

Lara is another one of those models of whom it’s hard to take a bad picture. We’ve met a couple of times at fetish parties, but this was the first times we’d shot together. The outfits she brought blew my mind, and inspired me greatly. This was such a good collaboration, and she’s the absolute sweetest.

04/08/21 – Lotte

I had been referred to Lotte by another client, and we had planned this shoot for quite a while. So when it finally happened I was super happy to get to know her, and she was such a darling. She’d also booked my makeup service, and she requested a natural look. She isn’t an experienced model, but it seemed like she was, because once I made her feel comfortable she did so amazingly!

05/08/21 – Miriam

Miriam did have experience, but she hadn’t done a professional shoot since the pandemic started. But I couldn’t tell at all, because she radiated with confidence and grace. It was such a nice time with her, and we did some amazing work in a really short amount of time. I love me a strong woman, and Miriam had one of those badass energies I really vibe with.

06/08/21 – Mistress CatastroV

CatastroV and I have actually become friends since our first shoot together, I invited her and her sub to my birthday party last month and I will be going to her’s next week. She is such an amazing woman, and when I asked if she’d like to do a boudoir shoot she enthusiastically agreed. We actually did 5 photosets, and we chatted the rest of the day. I’m so glad to have met this lovely lady.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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