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Information for Sex-workers

As a sex-worker, whether you’re a full service provider, a dominatrix or an online content creator, it’s important to work with people you can trust.

I myself have experience as a femdom, both online and in real life. And who’s more sex-work friendly than someone who’s been in the industry?

I’m 100% SW-friendly, and I understand what kind of content you need. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the services I offer. It’s good to know that I hold your safety and privacy in high regard, and I would never out your real name, address or other information. I want to create an inclusive safe-space for all.

When you book me for a shoot we will discuss whether the photos can exclusively posted by you, or if I can also post a few on my own platforms. I would never post images without your explicit consent. Of course me posting some of the photos can also be a way for new clients to find you, but I completely understand if you don’t want me to.

Anonymous pictures

Do you want to advertise online but you don’t want to be recognized? Then you might be interested in getting anonymous pictures! I have a slight dislike for blurred or pixelated faces, so I always try to be more creative. I can either make a sensual crop of the picture where only your mouth is visible. Or we can work with flowers or a beautiful handfan to hide your face in a beautiful way. Masks can also be worn for an enticing effect. I will never publish any photos where your face is visible without your consent.

Knowledge of BDSM and other kinks

If you specialize in a certain kink, it’s important that your photographer understands it. If you’re a pro-domme for example, I like to take your photos from a lower angle so you look more dominant and it looks like the perspective of a kneeling submissive. If you have a more “cute” or sub persona, I take pictures from higher up so your big doe eyes look up longingly into the camera. Those are just some examples of why a knowledge of sex and BDSM can help to capture you just right!

content for subscription platforms

If you’re an online sex-worker and you use a platform like OnlyFans or AVN Stars, you want content your fanbase wants to click, and buy. I will always try to understand your image and build around that, so your photos reflect your online persona. We can make a few SFW promo images for example, and then a more explicit photoset you can sell. I also have no problem taking behind the scenes video footage for you in between the pictures so you have more to post on your channels.

Photos for your website or ads

The photos on your website or in your advertisements can really make or break it. Professional, characteristic pictures will make you look more like a pro, and will make you look more trustworthy to a potential client. These photos should reflect your “image”, and show the viewer what amazing beauty and sex-appeal awaits them if they send you that email requesting an appointment.

Social media content

Especially the findommes amongst us know that a presence social media like twitter can really increase that cash-flow. Maybe you sell videos in a clip-store, but how are people going to know about that platform? Or if you do financial domination, you know that a good photo underneath that reimbursement tweet will really increase your odds of people sending. We can make you a pile of good content, showcasing your sexiest sides, and watch as your followers drop down on their knees, credit card in hand.

So, have I convinced you yet of the power of good photography? You can always reach out to me to discuss your needs and wants, and I’ll see what I can do for you. You can always bring a friend to your appointment for your comfort and safety.

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