Summer Vibes

This is my second bi-weekly post, talking about the shoots i’ve done in the last two weeks! I have taken some awesome photos so enjoy.

The weather here has gotten so nice, I had to get out there with my models and create some outdoors pictures as well as the usual inside photos. When summer’s approaching I feel a lot happier and energized, so I even arranged some last minute shoots to spend my time making cool content! If you ever want to do a TFP shoot on short notice, keep an eye on my stories on social media, and respond fast!

29/05/21 – Goosxbumps_

This was my second shoot with her, and it was even more fun than the last time! This time I went to visit her in her apartment, a very cozy one at that. She wanted more soft and light photos, so that’s exactly what we did! She had some really pretty lingerie, and when I came in I was greeted by about a million stuffed Hello Kitty stuffed animals, so obviously they had to make an appearance in the photos as well.

01/06/21 – Leyla Aitink

This was my first time working with Leyla, and we didn’t really have a plan before our appointment at my studio. But I was immediately inspired by her fun personality and the lingerie she’d brought with her. I experimented with some more moody lighting, and we both think it worked out great! She didn’t have a lot of experience yet, but I could barely tell. She’s a natural!

03/06/21 – Xiu

I had done a shoot with Xiu just the week before, but when she replied to my last-minute model call I just couldn’t decline. She had a hanfu, a traditional Chinese garment with her which I loved to photograph, and I wanted to style her in gothic Lolita, a style I personally dabble in. And when she mentioned she had a pretty dress with daisies, I knew we had to go on a walk to a nearby flower field for some summery photos as well!

04/06/21 – Mew

Mew also responded to my model-call, and again it was my second time working with her. She’d previously mentioned wanting to do an artistic twist on shibari, a Japanese bondage style. Because pride month has started, we decided to make a very colorful set with lots of flowers, and I provided her makeup in the colors of the pride/rainbow flag. This more sexy style of photography was new to Mew but she rocked it very gracefully and confidently.

05/06/21 – Red&Risky

Aside from being a very good friend of mine, Red also is the one who inspired me to start photography! This was our fourth shoot together, and it’s amazing to see how we’ve both improved, as our first shoot together also made her want to start modeling! Suffice to say, we’re a dream-team and she is very dear to my heart.

09/06/21 – Silas Sylvina

Silas and I have met once before as we once modeled together. Yes, I have modeling experience as well! But I’d never photographer her before, so it was really great to finally do so. She’s clearly a very good model, and she’d brought some very diverse outfits with her. We went for a soft fairy-like set with flowers, a more boudoir setting, and we took some more edgy and kinky shots. It was a very successful and fun day!

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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