Swan’s Seduction

Milk Rebelle Photography is now Swan’s Seduction.

After careful consideration I’ve decided to rebrand to Swan’s Seduction. This avoids confusion as my modelling name is also Milk Rebelle and I feel this represents me better.

My last name is van der Zwaan, and “zwaan” is the Dutch word for swan. Very on the nose, I know. But I needed something that wasn’t linked to my modelling and sex-work persona. Though I’m not ashamed of my kinky alter-ego, I want my photography to be seperate from that.

Of course my modelling experience has helped me immensely in my photography journey. I’ve learned a lot from other photographers, and I know how to help and comfort models through my model past. Also I’d never hide my sex-work, as I think there’s nothing wrong with making a kinky video and selling it online, on the contrary! I love working with sex-workers now as a photographer, and one of my selling points is that I am one myself so I know what it’s like.

So what’s the big issue?

When you googled me you’d find more about my model work and my video platforms, instead of my photography. But now I’m at a point where photography is my biggest passion, and modelling and content creation are just something I do on the side. So rebranding was the best option for me!

Thank you for understanding and for your support!

xoxo Luca

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