Swan’s Values

Respectful & homely athmosphere

I find it very important that my models and clients are always comfortable. They should feel safe, relaxed and empowered! I have a calm, sociable personality and I’ll always try to soothe your anxieties, and I would never push you to do something you don’t want to.

No male gaze, find your inner goddess!

Most boudoir photographers are men. As a queer non-binary person with a feminine eye, I can spot what YOU want. I feel like all people are beautiful, no matter what body they reside in. You should shine in your own sexy way, and feel in tune with yourself.

Kink-aware, and always open-minded

You don’t have to be shy about BDSM or other kinks, I usually already know what you’re talking about, and if not, I won’t judge. My studio is a judgement-free space where we can explore. All consensual sexualities and kinks are wonderful and should be celebrated!