Sundress season

The nice wether is upon us, and I'm happier and more motivated than ever! I had some lens issues, but I replaced it so I ony had to reschedule one shoot because of it. This is the 28th biweekly update. I've done 9 shoots in these two weeks, one of which I can't show you … Continue reading Sundress season

A Diverse Bunch of Models

I never work with a certain "type" of model, but in this 27th biweekly update it's very apparent that I like to work with different kinds of people. I've done seven shoots, I had planned a few more but some were cancelled as usual. For me photography is an opportunity to show that everyone is … Continue reading A Diverse Bunch of Models

One Week Intermezzo

This is the 26th biweekly update, where I show you all the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. Only, I haven't produced any work in the second week. Oops! I've done 5 shoots, and they were really fun! I had 3 more really fun shoots planned this week but they were unfortunately all … Continue reading One Week Intermezzo

Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls

These past two weeks I've done nine shoots, which is more than the previous few biweekly blogs. This is the 25th update, time's going so fast! One of the shoots I can't show you yet, as we sent the pictures in for publication so they must stay secret for a while. But do not fret, … Continue reading Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls

Stay Dedicated

This is the 23rd biweekly blog post, and I've done 7 shoots in the last 2 weeks, even though 9 were scheduled. But oh well, shit happens and sometimes people cancel. One of the shoots I did, I can't show you, as it's private photos for the clients. But the other 6 photoshoots I've done … Continue reading Stay Dedicated

Start of Spring

I know it officially starts tomorrow, but it really feels like spring already! I'm loving it. This is the 22nd biweekly blogpost. In these last two weeks I've done 8 shoots, originally I scheduled more but COVID is still a thing, so some shoots got cancelled. I think these past weeks were really fun and … Continue reading Start of Spring

Other People’s Homes

These last two weeks I've done 8 shoots, four of which were at the model's house, instead of at my place. This is the 21st biweekly update. Doing the shoot somewhere else has its perks, it means more diversity in interior and model's are often more comfortable in their own home. The downside is that … Continue reading Other People’s Homes

In The Flow

This is the 19th biweekly update, and in these last two weeks I've done 11 shoots. I've really gotten used to this creative flow now. Eleven shoots within fourteen days is quite a lot, but I love doing it so much, it only rarely feels like working. I've done many fun collaborations these two weeks, … Continue reading In The Flow

TikTok Addiction

This is the 18th biweekly post where I update you all on the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. These two weeks have been very fun! My partner has been abroad for most of the time, so it was very nice to have people come over and shoot, so I wouldn't be alone … Continue reading TikTok Addiction

Feature TheKinkyWeb.Nl

I just found out that I was featured on the Kinky Web! You can read it down below. It's in Dutch though. Meesteres en ik zijn enige tijd geleden naar het centrum van Amsterdam gereden om daar de talentvolle Milk Rebelle op te zoeken. Behalve model, Meesteres is ze ook een bijzonder fotografe. Via haar fotografie bedrijf “Swan’s Seduction” maakt … Continue reading Feature TheKinkyWeb.Nl