The link between body-positivity and kink

Body-positivity and kink may seem like two unrelated topics, but they both involve embracing and celebrating one's own unique body and desires. Body-positivity is the belief that all bodies are worthy of love and acceptance, regardless of their shape or size. In boudoir photography, this means celebrating the beauty of bodies of all shapes and … Continue reading The link between body-positivity and kink

After My Holiday Break

Those who have an attentive eye have noticed that I've skipped a biweekly update. This is the 43rd biweekly update, coming two weeks late! The reason for this is that I had kind of a break, so between Xmas and NYE I didn't do any photoshoots, and since I've been taking it easier than usual. … Continue reading After My Holiday Break

Why You Should Book A Couple Shoot

In this blogpost I'll be sharing some reasons why a kinky shoot or boudoir shoot with your partner is a good idea. A unique gift for your partner. They'll never expect this as a gift!! But this could make a great gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, or even a birthday or Christmas gift! … Continue reading Why You Should Book A Couple Shoot

Happy Holidays!

In these dark times where there's barely any sunlight reaching us, it's important to stay busy and creative, so that's exactly what I did! In this 42nd biweekly blogpost I'll show you 6 out of the 7 shoots I've done in the past two weeks. The 7th was for someone who'd rather keep the pictures … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Artist or entrepreneur?

Most photographers like to just focus on creating. we're creative so our minds cook up stuff all the time. This is the 41st biweekly blogpost, a series where I show you the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. This time not as many as you're maybe used to, but that doesn't mean I … Continue reading Artist or entrepreneur?

Dear Models – Sustainability PSA

I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of the lingerie you guys bring to shoots is from Shein. I think we are all aware how terribly Shein treats their workers. If you’re not, please google it. Aside from that, most lingerie, also from other brands is made from polyester, pvc or other artificial fibers. These materials … Continue reading Dear Models – Sustainability PSA

Powerful Women

In this biweekly blogpost I'll show you the fun shoots that I've done in the past two weeks. It's the 40th edition, and I'm happy to showcase the 6 beautiful women I had the pleasure to take photos of. I only really photograph women and non-binary people, because the empowerment of them is super special … Continue reading Powerful Women

FREE Boudoir Posing Guide – NOW AVAILABLE

I've teased before that I was working on a big project, and I'm so excited to finally show you what I've been up to! With help of my friend Mew, I've made a boudoir posing guide, which is free to download after you've entered your email address. This will add you to my email list, … Continue reading FREE Boudoir Posing Guide – NOW AVAILABLE