After My Holiday Break

Those who have an attentive eye have noticed that I've skipped a biweekly update. This is the 43rd biweekly update, coming two weeks late! The reason for this is that I had kind of a break, so between Xmas and NYE I didn't do any photoshoots, and since I've been taking it easier than usual. … Continue reading After My Holiday Break

Artist or entrepreneur?

Most photographers like to just focus on creating. we're creative so our minds cook up stuff all the time. This is the 41st biweekly blogpost, a series where I show you the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. This time not as many as you're maybe used to, but that doesn't mean I … Continue reading Artist or entrepreneur?

Powerful Women

In this biweekly blogpost I'll show you the fun shoots that I've done in the past two weeks. It's the 40th edition, and I'm happy to showcase the 6 beautiful women I had the pleasure to take photos of. I only really photograph women and non-binary people, because the empowerment of them is super special … Continue reading Powerful Women

Latex or lace?

Some models bring latex catsuits to the shoots, others prefer lace lingerie. Whatever floats your boat, I can make you look good! In this 38th biweekly blogpost I'll be showing you the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. Some of the faces you'll recognize from past shoots, but there's some new faces as … Continue reading Latex or lace?

Fierce Goddesses

This is the 37th biweekly blogpost, in which I'll be showing you what shoots I've done in the past two weeks. This time there are two fresh faces, and three returning models to show. This diverse bunch of stunning people all did amazing! I hope you'll like it as well. Also I'm working on something … Continue reading Fierce Goddesses

Luscious Lace

Some people are into leather, some are into lace. Or latex of course! But whatever it is, wearing what makes you feel sexy to your shoot with me is key. I never request a model to bring a certain look or make them show x bodypart. I like them to bring what they feel sexy … Continue reading Luscious Lace

The End of Summer

It's september, so summer's almost over. The last two weeks the weather has been lovely, so I've taken this opportunity to once again do some shoots outside. This is the 34th biweekly blogpost, where I show you the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. I love the collabs I've done in this edition, … Continue reading The End of Summer

Let’s go outside!

The weather was still super warm the past two weeks. In this biweekly blogpost I'm writing about the shoots i've done in the last 2 weeks. This is the 33rd post. It has been super warm so in a few shoots we took the opportunity to shoot outside. This always comes with some challenges, as … Continue reading Let’s go outside!