After My Holiday Break

Those who have an attentive eye have noticed that I've skipped a biweekly update. This is the 43rd biweekly update, coming two weeks late! The reason for this is that I had kind of a break, so between Xmas and NYE I didn't do any photoshoots, and since I've been taking it easier than usual. … Continue reading After My Holiday Break

Happy Holidays!

In these dark times where there's barely any sunlight reaching us, it's important to stay busy and creative, so that's exactly what I did! In this 42nd biweekly blogpost I'll show you 6 out of the 7 shoots I've done in the past two weeks. The 7th was for someone who'd rather keep the pictures … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Dear Models – Sustainability PSA

I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of the lingerie you guys bring to shoots is from Shein. I think we are all aware how terribly Shein treats their workers. If you’re not, please google it. Aside from that, most lingerie, also from other brands is made from polyester, pvc or other artificial fibers. These materials … Continue reading Dear Models – Sustainability PSA

FREE Boudoir Posing Guide – NOW AVAILABLE

I've teased before that I was working on a big project, and I'm so excited to finally show you what I've been up to! With help of my friend Mew, I've made a boudoir posing guide, which is free to download after you've entered your email address. This will add you to my email list, … Continue reading FREE Boudoir Posing Guide – NOW AVAILABLE

Latex or lace?

Some models bring latex catsuits to the shoots, others prefer lace lingerie. Whatever floats your boat, I can make you look good! In this 38th biweekly blogpost I'll be showing you the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. Some of the faces you'll recognize from past shoots, but there's some new faces as … Continue reading Latex or lace?

Autumn is here…

The weather has gone from hot and humid, to cold and cloudy. So it's a bit harder to plan shoots outside, but that's alright. This is the 35th biweekly update. In these updates I show you what I've done in the past two weeks. I've worked with two new faces, and a few returning models. … Continue reading Autumn is here…

The End of Summer

It's september, so summer's almost over. The last two weeks the weather has been lovely, so I've taken this opportunity to once again do some shoots outside. This is the 34th biweekly blogpost, where I show you the shoots I've done in the past two weeks. I love the collabs I've done in this edition, … Continue reading The End of Summer

Femdom Ball Raffle Sponsor

I'm very happy to announce I'm a sponsor of the charity raffle hosted by the Femdom Ball in London on the 1st of October. If you participate with the raffle, you have a chance of winning a gift voucher to a photoshoot with me! The proceeds of the raffle goes to SWARM. SWARM is a … Continue reading Femdom Ball Raffle Sponsor

Let’s go outside!

The weather was still super warm the past two weeks. In this biweekly blogpost I'm writing about the shoots i've done in the last 2 weeks. This is the 33rd post. It has been super warm so in a few shoots we took the opportunity to shoot outside. This always comes with some challenges, as … Continue reading Let’s go outside!

Back in Amsterdam

My last biweekly blog was written during my vacation in Milan. Now I'm home, and back to doing the photoshoots. This is the 31st biweekly blog post. Due to this though, I have only three shoots to show you this time around. I've also not planned as many shoots as I usually do, so I … Continue reading Back in Amsterdam