Taking it easy

This is the 9th biweekly blogpost, and like I told you in the last one, I took a trip to Lille. I didn’t do any shoots there, and when I came home I didn’t do as many as I usually do to take it a bit easier for a while. I’ve still done 7 shoots though, of which I can show you 6, as one of them was a client who wants to keep her photos private.

This is quite normal by the way. If you’re considering booking me for a shoot you certainly have the option to keep the photos for yourself, and of course I’d respect that. One of the shoots I’ve done this week was anonymous, so though I can share the photos of that shoot, the pictures won’t show the model’s faces. This is a practice often done by sex workers and content creators, as they want to advertise without the risk of being exposed. So don’t worry, you have the option to do that as well!

09/09/21 – Jennie Jekyll

Jennie is such a lovely girl, and the funny thing is, that I actually have photographed her mom before! Her mom is also a model. So whether it’s nature or nurture, she taught her baby well because Jennie was really easy to work with and even though she’d never done a sexy shoot before, she posed naturally and gracefully. I was surprised she’d never done a boudoir shoot before.

10/09/21 – Miss Dark Sparkle

I have met Miss Dark Sparkle once at a fetish party actually, I managed to get her on the guest list. We didn’t mingle a lot as I was a candy girl that night, but at this shoot we did have the time to get to know each other luckily. She’s very nice and brought amazing looks. I love her crazy colourful style, even though I’m more on the goth side myself.

12/09/21 – Queenie

Queenie is a gorgeous woman, and very nice to collaborate with. She asked me to do her makeup, and I happily obliged. You can find the before and after here. She is such a sweetheart and we had some really nice conversations in between the photosets. And I greatly envy her lingerie collection…

13/09/21 – Lyo & Levie

Lyo & Levie are a content creator couple, and we went more erotic with this shoot. I offered to do some waxplay, with candles provided by Ouch!. Though this was a new experience for them, they did really well! And I always feel very grateful when a model or client wants to travel from abroad; they came from Belgium. They are really nice people and a beautiful couple.

16/09/21 – Mew

Mew and I were debating whether we should just hang out or take pictures, as we have become real friends since shooting together. This was our 4th shoot. She is doing a wardrobe challenge, and this day’s theme was gothic/moon-child. As a goth I wanted to “gothify” her, and it would’ve been a shame to not capture it on camera. So we did two nice photosets, and we ate really nice pastries she’d brought with her.

17/09/21 – Daphne

Daphne is such a sweet woman. She is also an artistic person herself, so working with her was a pleasure. We have a mutual friend, which is how she found me. I did her makeup as well, and she was absolutely in love with it. We used a hogtie and denim collar gifted by Ouch!, and I made her a simple rope harness.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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