I’ve recently had a pleasure of working with Swan’s Seduction.  
I wanted to be photographed. A nice surprise was that she could do the make up too! 
She surprised me with her creativity, openness, understanding of my insecurities and guided me into the best and most complementary poses and outcome that really is reflected on the photographs. I was photographed many times by different professionals, but this time I felt really seen, guided and I shine in all my beauty, made possible by her. I gained a lot of confidence, photographs are receiving many positive reactions and I have already new ideas… so yes. I will be back soon for a new shoot!

Miss Mercy

I’ve had my first shoot with Swan’s Seduction a while ago. Luca can make you feel at ease within minutes and she truly is an artist with great skills. 

I had a few challenges, because I like my pictures to NOT reveal my identity and a have some rather large tattoo’s to cover. Luca guided me in posing really well and the results of the shoot were amazing!

She listens to your wishes really well and is very creative. I would recommend booking a shoot with Swan’s Seduction to everyone! I’m 100% sure you will love the results just as much as I do!

Kate Feniks

I flew from London to Amsterdam for a shoot with Luca a while back and was made to feel incredibly welcome. Luca made sure I was fed and comfortable before we began our shoot. The studio was well equipped and the space was charming. Luca is incredibly passionate about photography and making you look/feel good. I was directed when needed and the results speak for themselves. She has a real eye for attention to detail and I would highly recommend working with Swan Seduction again.. 
Over all a very good experience and a Beautiful talented human!

Madam Amour

I’ve had a good time working with Swans seduction. Very chill vibe, nice music en great tips.
Always love the, fast, results.


Absolutely loved working with Luca, they created a nice and comfortable space which made me feel really at ease! And i love how the pictures turned out <3


I love to work with Swan’s Seduction. They are really fun to work with. But also really accepting of who the person is in front of the camera. They are really fast so you can really explore with different poses and angles and the photos will always look great thanks to Swan’s Seduction. I definitely recommend Swan’s Seduction a 100%. You will not regret this experience.


Luca is amazing at making you feel comfortable, which was a big thing for me because I’m not used to shooting lingerie!
And she is FAST! During the shoot and also with the editing. Amazing considering the high quality of photos you get back :)
Bonus: she can do your makeup too!


My first collab with Luca. She’s very talented and has a good vibe (I’m hsp so that’s very important to me). She knows how to make awesome pics with less equipment and space. It felt very comfortable and she’s the fastest editor I know. I’d love to work with her again.


Always loved working with Luca!
The shoot gives such a comfy and relaxed vibe,
Supportive, Postitive and insanely fast!


Very nice experience to work with Luca. She always makes me feel comfortable and I like the fast pace of the shoots. Did 3 now with her, so that also shows that I like coming to her studio.

Stevie Jule