I love to work with Swan’s Seduction. They are really fun to work with. But also really accepting of who the person is in front of the camera. They are really fast so you can really explore with different poses and angles and the photos will always look great thanks to Swan’s Seduction. I definitely recommend Swan’s Seduction a 100%. You will not regret this experience.


Luca is amazing at making you feel comfortable, which was a big thing for me because I’m not used to shooting lingerie!
And she is FAST! During the shoot and also with the editing. Amazing considering the high quality of photos you get back :)
Bonus: she can do your makeup too!


My first collab with Luca. She’s very talented and has a good vibe (I’m hsp so that’s very important to me). She knows how to make awesome pics with less equipment and space. It felt very comfortable and she’s the fastest editor I know. I’d love to work with her again.


Always loved working with Luca!
The shoot gives such a comfy and relaxed vibe,
Supportive, Postitive and insanely fast!


Very nice experience to work with Luca. She always makes me feel comfortable and I like the fast pace of the shoots. Did 3 now with her, so that also shows that I like coming to her studio.

Stevie Jule

It’s been a joy to work with Luca. I’ve done two shoots with them, partly outside, and they make you feel very comfortable. Quick shoots with great flow and energy and very quick results!

Hollandsch Meisje

I love working with Luca! 

She is great at making you feel at ease and can give you an amazing make-up look simultaneously. She has a great eye for what backdrops and props would make your outfit and pose stand out. The beautiful color(block) combinations and make-up look that fits all outfits and styles are something you can only find in Luca’s shoots! 

And last but certainly not least, she is quick with her edits and they always have her own very recognizable style/vibe. I love it!


First of all i want to say that you are one of the most accepting and sweet humans i have ever met. Due some car and road problems I arrived a lot later than was planned. It was really frustrating for both of us I think, but you welcomed me with the biggest smile and was highly sweet to me that I was okay and ready to shoot. Everything went pretty smooth, i liked that you work with a little contract and talked me true every pose and shoot idea. 
Hope to see you again!


It’s a great pleasure to work with Luca. I always feel at ease when shooting together. Luca knows how to find all your beautiful angles and make you shine. I am known to pose dramatically and Luca knows how to keep up and get the best shots.

Not unimportant to mention: A great conversationalist! We surely have some good laughs during the shoot but it doesn’t make it any less professional. I definitely recommend to work with Luca and I’d love to work together again (not mentioning we already did 4 shoots together but there will be more to come).

Dragica Janeka

Yes! I’m going to shoutout a photographer. Just because I’m very happy with the results and the fast photo delivery. Had a super professional collaboration with her and really friendly and social, a real sweetheart.

Swan’s Seduction.

Really a photographer where you feel comfortable within 1 minute and you immediately know it will be alright. No weird stuff afterwards but just nice! So for a good, beautiful and nice collaboration check her page!

Your Sensual Wildchild