Swan’s Seduction is a wonderful photographer who does wonders for your self esteem.
Whether it’s your first time or you have more experience she will make the experience comfortable and delivers the otherworldly photos with lighting speed.
Would very much recommend, even when you are nervous about the style you want to model.


Whenever you are a someone with modeling experience or not, Swan’s Seduction know what they’re doing and can help you to get the shots you want! After posting pictures from our shoots together, I definitely noticed my business going better. And the pictures are amazing for my self esteem. They’re not overly edited, but they show my best features. I’m a fan. Mark my words: Swan’s Seduction is going places!

Moira Mona

Work with Luca is amazing!!! She is a very good model herself so she knows poses and knows how it feels sometimes to work behind camera, that’s why the way she communicated is soooo easygoing, also she makes you feels confident about yourself, overall good freaking vibes and experiences ❤️ editing skill also on point and super fast, i feel so pretty with the result and still one of my favorite result ever ❤️❤️

Anna Bee