The link between body-positivity and kink

Body-positivity and kink may seem like two unrelated topics, but they both involve embracing and celebrating one’s own unique body and desires.

Body-positivity is the belief that all bodies are worthy of love and acceptance, regardless of their shape or size. In boudoir photography, this means celebrating the beauty of bodies of all shapes and sizes, rather than only focusing on one narrow standard of beauty. It’s about accepting your body the way it is and embracing it, not trying to change it to fit into a certain mold.

Kink is a term used to describe a wide range of consensual sexual activities and desires that fall outside of traditional societal norms. This can include everything from BDSM to role-playing to fetishes. In boudoir photography, embracing kink can lead to truly unique and individualized photo shoots that capture the your desires and fantasies.

Combining body-positivity and kink in a boudoir photo shoot can lead to truly empowering and sensual results. It’s about celebrating each client’s unique body and desires, and capturing that beauty in a way that is both tasteful and true to who they are.

Model on the left is Yolinda Vixen

I always try to remember though that everyone’s body and desires are different, and that’s what makes them beautiful.

It is important to note that I’m aware that not all clients may be interested in kink and it’s important to me to be respectful of their boundaries and offer them a comfortable and safe space.

Another important aspect of incorporating body-positivity and kink into boudoir photography is being aware of and sensitive to cultural and societal norms. Everyone’s experiences and desires are different, and it’s important to respect and honor that diversity. This means being mindful of the language used, and being sensitive to different cultural and societal expectations.

Model on the right is Elzewieke

Whether you’re kinky or not, self-love is important for everyone. Have I intrigued you enough? Would you like beautiful pictures of yourself that have been taken in a photo session full of self-acceptance, love and body-positive coaching? Now’s the time to book that shoot babe!

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