Vacation Time

After this 8th biweekly update I will be going on a short vacation to Lille, which is why this post is a few days early. I’ve done so much in the last few months, I definitely deserve a little break. See what shoots I’ve done in the past two weeks in this blogpost!

It’s been a great time with some very lovely models. This time I extra enjoyed it since my partner had left for his vacation, so I was home alone most of the time. Thus having some nice people around was very nice. For me doing a shoot isn’t just about the results, I also like to connect and have a great time!

22/08/21 – Amber

This beauty came all the way from Belgium for our shoot. I did her makeup (before and after can be found here) and she even wore some latex garments from my personal collection, as she mentioned she’d love to wear latex but she didn’t own anything. It fit het well and she was so lovely! The sets she brought herself were also really nice.

23/08/21 – Toughhxnesty

Thoughhxnesty aka Elyisan is a gorgeous and very sweet model, and I loved working with her. You can tell she’s very good at posing, even though she’s only modeling for a short time, and we had great conversations. She brought a beautiful floral bodysuit for which I own the perfect backdrop, so we created some amazing pictures together!

25/08/21 – Robin

Robin reached out to me quite a while ago to book me for a shoot. She’s a sex-worker and she wanted anonymous pictures to advertise and market herself. I always have a slight repulsion for blurred faces in SW advertisements, so I mentioned maybe doing something more creative to hide her identity. I think the results are very mysterious and sensual, which is just what she wanted!

26/08/21 – Johanna Adriana

Johanna was such a lovely girl, she asked for my makeup services and I happily obliged. I was sent a package by the sex toy company Ouch! and we used a beautiful heart-shaped crop for some kinky photos, and we also made some boudoir sets. She is an amazing model I’d recommend to any photographer who likes to take almost only good pictures. She knows her stuff for sure.

27/08/21 – Annelies

Annelies is another Belgium beauty, just like Amber. She isn’t very experienced yet, but we did some great work in a really short amount of time. We used another one of Ouch!’s toys, and I styled her with a harness and choker in the pink set. I love her Amy Winehouse hair.

29/08/21 – Medusa LeStrange

The gothic beauty Medusa travelled all the way from the north of the country to Amsterdam for our shoot. We had a lot in common so chatting and connecting with her was very easy, and she posed like a true goth goddess. I asked her if she’d be willing to try wax-play, a kinky endeavor with candle wax, and she agreed. I had done my research so no harm would be done. The candles were provided by Ouch! as well. Also I am extremely envious of her beautiful hair.

30/09/21 – Odette Edwards

Odette is a full-time boudoir model, and boy I could tell! She posed gracefully and there were no bad pictures taken on this dreary-weathered Monday. She brought amazing lingeriesets, and I wish I could just steal the sets for my personal lingerie collection, but oh well. She was very lovely and so easy to work with!

02/09/21 – Aeon

Aeon asked me for a shoot and I loved her look so I gladly agreed. She was such a fun person, we really got along and in between the laughter and conversations we managed to create some awesome work. We had a lot in common and it was a really nice time.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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