We’re Here. We’re Queer.

Most of my life revolves around queerness. My mums are lesbians. My dad is gay. I’m non-binary. I’m bisexual. Most of my friends are LGBTQIA+ and in the kink scene. I often work with trans and gender-nonconforming clients.

And I love my queer little life. But what I don’t love is that trans rights are in danger all over the place, that gay people still get killed for consensual LOVE, and that children are being rejected by their parents for who they are. Cisgender and heterosexual is still the default in EVERYTHING AROUND US. And when a gorgeous trans girl wins a pageant she gets death threats. When an intersex baby is born, the doctors still are allowed to mutilate them to “make life easier for them” aka taking away their choice and autonomy. I still can’t get my “F” sign in my passport changed into an “X” without starting a whole judicial process.

Today it’s the Amsterdam Pride Parade, and I’m looking forward to partying and celebrating with my friends. But I will still keep the names of the people who died from this messed up trans- and homophobic world close to my heart. I know pride is not a party, it’s a protest. LGBTQIA+ RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!

Model: Red&Risky
Photographer: Swan’s Seduction
MUA: Red&Risky
Outfit by Mr Riegillio

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