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Why You Should Book A Couple Shoot

In this blogpost I’ll be sharing some reasons why a kinky shoot or boudoir shoot with your partner is a good idea.

A unique gift for your partner.

They’ll never expect this as a gift!! But this could make a great gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or even a birthday or Christmas gift! If you want you could ask me about printing some photos into an album or wall art-piece as well, imagine a beautiful, classy but sensual photo of you on the wall in the bedroom!

A kinky outing to experience together.

This is something you guys can really do together, and make memories that will last forever! Not just the shoot itself but also the preparation. Planning our your outfits, shopping for lingerie together and deciding on a location. The fun you can have just being giddy and excited in advance is already so great!

Capture your love and lust for each other!

How often do you really stop and think about each other and how much you love and treasure the other person in your relationship? Really enjoy one another in the moment. A couple shoot is the perfect occasion to establish your love and intimacy in stylish and sexy photos. This way you can look back on them later with a naughty grin ;)

I’m kink-aware and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

So don’t worry, I’ll understand your dynamic, and I’ll do my best to reflect it in stunning photographs of you two. Whether you’re swingers, in a D/s relationship, vanilla or even polyamorous (yes you can add more people to the shoot, it doesn’t have to be a couple) you can expect to be treated with respect in a judgement free space.

A good reason for a weekend away!

The couple shoot can happen anywhere. In my little studio in Amsterdam, at your house, in nature (if the weather allows of course) or in an industrial setting. Most couples however choose to book a hotel or airbnb, and that way you can also spend the night there and have a romantic getaway!

How amazing would it be to have a lasting memory of how you both are, right now, authentically captured in stunning visuals? I understand it can be a bit scary but don’t worry, I’ll help you! This is like an intimate party for both of you, savour it. I bet it will only strengthen your bond.

Have I intrigued you enough or have I tickled your imagination? For more information or to book your shoot you can contact me!

Feel free to reach out in Dutch or English. I will get back to you when I can!

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