Birthday Break

Every two weeks I write a blog post about all the shoots I’ve done in the last two weeks. This is the fifth one. On the 16th it was actually my 23rd birthday, so I planned to take a few days off. But I’m really bad at that nowadays so that didn’t really happen…

But, I guess that’s a good thing because that means I have more awesome shoots to show you today! I’ve done seven shoots in total since the last biweekly update.

11/07/21 – shoottheyeti

I found Yeti on Instagram, and I thought she was super pretty! So I didn’t hesitate to reach out and ask if she’d like to shoot. I also did her makeup, which you can check out here. We had some lovely conversations and I really liked working with her!

12/07/21 – Meesteres Raven

Meesteres Raven contacted me on Twitter to book a shoot with me. I love working with prodommes, so of course I said yes! She also booked my makeup service. When discussing possible locations, she mentioned she liked industrial/urban locations, so I suggested NDSM in Amsterdam. It was perfect for this shoot!

13/07/21 – Kiet Katharsis

This was my second shoot with Kiet. I really enjoyed working with her the first time so I was thrilled to shoot her again! This time we chose to go for latex, and she brought a large amount of latex garments we could work with. She also brought a denim ensemble made by her boyfriend, a designer known as Jaded Jewall. All in all we had a really fun afternoon and made some great shots.

14/07/21 – Mars

Mars and I had been talking about a shoot for a while but this day it finally happened. It was really nice, and of course she is gorgeous so taking good photos of her wasn’t that hard. She also brought her boyfriend and I took a few pictures with the two of them as well.

17/07/21 – Cyrelle Richelle

This gorgeous model responded to one of my Instagram model calls. I loved her look so I agreed to work with her of course! I did her makeup, and we had a super good time chatting about all kinds of things. We even ate some leftover cake from my birthday the previous day.

19/07/21 – Ximena van Keulen

Ximena found me through her friend, Anna Bee, who’s also a model I previously worked with. She has such a unique look, and sure knows her poses! We went into really deep conversations and we were mostly just talking the first hour of the shoot… But as we had a good vibe going, we still managed to take really good photos in the rest of the afternoon.

23/07/21 – Dragica Obscurity

I really wanted to work with Dragica for a while now, but she wasn’t doing collaborations for a long time due to COVID, and her being a photographer herself as well, so she could just photograph herself. But finally she said yes and we had a good time making content and chatting about. She was melting a bit in her latex during a warm day, but I think it was worth it lol.

Are you, after seeing these shoots from the last two weeks, hungry for a shoot of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can take a look at the packages I have to offer here, but if you have ideas that aren’t mentioned there, please contact me so we can make it happen!

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