Introducing: Kink Photography Guide

Huge announcement! This is something I’ve been working on for months! A guide for photographers who want to explore kink photography but don’t know where to start/are scared to make mistakes.

I used to do a lot of fetish modelling, and I didn’t always feel respected by photographers. Usually they didn’t have any bad intentions, they just didn’t understand consent, and how to represent kinks in a more accurate way. And that’s why I’ introducing: my Kink Photography Guide: Techniques for Capturing Empowering & Ethical Images.

It’s time to elevate your photography skills and explore the realm of kink photography in a respectful and ethical way. This comprehensive guide is designed for photographers who’re ready to push boundaries, break free from fear, and embrace the beauty of kink photography. It’s a roadmap to capturing breathtaking images that empower and inspire.

Inside you’ll find practical tips and advice on posing, lighting, composition, to ensure you’ll create visually stunning photos. But this guide goes beyond technical skills. It explores the vital role of the photographer in creating an empowering and ethical environment. It emphasises the importance of consent, negotiation, and open communication.

Unleash your creativity while upholding respect and consent.

Get the Kink Photography guide here!

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